Live Interview with Adventure Athlete Madeline Dunn

If you are curious about the unique coaching techniques I have developed and use in my coaching practice, watch this! I met Madeline as a fellow adventure athlete, I interviewed her for my book, and now she is a coaching client. Listen as we go into depth about the exclusive ways that I work with my clients.

Madeline is an honors graduate from the University of Michigan. She designed her own degree taking courses in 5 different university departments: Engineering, Jazz and Contemplative Studies, Environmental Science, Sociology, Art and Design. Madeline specializes in using a closed-loop design modeling approach to reinvent the structure within social circles and one’s mental landscape: ultimately creating healthy, happy and productive lifestyles for as many people as possible. Madeline began mentoring her peers at a young age and has now built multiple service based businesses that are helping humans express their own unique identities and make money doing it! Find her here at:

Stefan Grafstein

Stefan Grafstein is a Coach, Speaker, Author, and Adventurer. He is the founder of Live Ignited: facilitating human potential through adventure. He has been leading retreats and workshops to create more freedom, success, and meaning in life since 1999. He is a big wave surfer, a back-country snowboarder, a class-5 river guide kite surfer, and back-country snow-kiter. An award winning cognitive neuroscience researcher, Stefan has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, and a B.A. in Developmental Psychology. During a battle with an autoimmune disease early in his life, he developed a dedicated yoga and spiritual practice. Stefan now lives in balance and flow, disease free. His journey has informed his life path and purpose. Along the way, he developed his own techniques called: Retinal Field Meditation, The 3 Voices Framework, and Shamanic Vocal Expression. These and other methodologies he’s trained in offer a unique and powerful experience for the business leaders and athletes that hire him to multiply their impact in the world. Stefan also coaches individuals and couples in finding mutual understanding, deeper intimacy, and connection in their business and personal relationships. His book "The Power of Risk" inspires a path of personal transformation through taking risks in life and adventures and is due to be published in 2020.


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