Looking to shift the mindset of your audience through their own inner voice?

Stefan embodies a speaking and mentorship style that asks questions and inspires thoughtful consideration versus preaching from a pedestal.

Leading from a place of vulnerability, Stefan shares stories of his own peaks and valleys along his journey to inspire others to recognize the nuances and tones of their own inner voice and shatter the paradigm of limiting beliefs people have built inside themselves.

How? Well he believes deeply that the leader that is within us all needs to be heard and given space to emerge and his speeches, workshops and presence seem to always leave an audience in a state of self reflection and inspired enthusiasm for being a better version of themselves.

Topics that Stefan often covers

Learn how vulnerability and awareness make you a better leader

How to overcome pessimism and create environments of creativity and innovation

Two keys to be more confident amidst risk & develop trust in discomfort

- Daniel P.

Simply put, I was lost before I starting working with Stefan. My career and my relationship weren’t where I wanted them to be, and I couldn’t figure out why. Stefan’s tools and techniques allowed me to create (and some would use the word “design”) my life how I wanted it to be. Within the same year of working with Stefan, I got engaged AND I am on a very quick path to my dream career. YOU can create the life you want. YOU can have the career, relationships, body, etc YOU want. All you have to do is have clarity on WHAT you want and WHO you want to be. Once you do that, every decision you make can put you on the path to living your dream life. Through Stefan’s coaching he will help YOU find that clarity and coach you towards your dreams. It’s that simple and effective.

-Will Sacks Founder, Kindara

I’ve worked with a lot of coaches in my life. I had various business coaches when I was running my business. I’ve worked with various personal coaches, therapists, leaders, helpers, healers. Stefan’s approach is one of the most powerful that I’ve ever experienced. He’s spent multiple decades bringing in elements of different modalities, and bringing in his incredible breadth of personal life experience to his work. I allowed Stefan to guide me into myself, so for that I feel incredibly grateful. I recommend that anybody who is looking for a deeper knowing of themself to engage with Stefan. He’s a magically powerful leader.

-Cory Glazier | MediMeals CEO

Working with Stefan was a game-changer for me and my partner. A world of relating opened up for me that had previously been concealed by my lack of awareness and communication skills. I loved how Stefan helped me to see what I was not seeing. From there, he supported me in relating in a deeper, more intimate, and curious way. It was confronting for me to be up against my edges, but I felt unconditional love from him as he skillfully supported us to relate in a more powerful way than ever before. Think of him kinda like a mediator, but not to resolve conflict, more to help each party gain access to the deep, vulnerable, true places in their partner.

-Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, Researcher

When my partner and I first met Stefan, we were at an impasse that seemed could only result in separation. In just the first session, Stefan skillfully and compassionately helped us tap into our intuition and desires to see a new path for our relationship. My partner and I were able to discover our deeper underlying needs through the mirror of his empathy and curiosity. The space he created allowed our love to evolve in new ways that transcended our fears and old patterns of relating. I am so grateful to have worked with him and cannot recommend his work highly enough.

-Sara Shaefer, Nutritionist

Stefan is a true angel, I can’t recommend him enough! He’s highly skilled in teaching you to strengthen the connection to your higher self, so that you can start living the life of your dreams! In a short time with Stefan, I’m already reprogramming my deeply patterned thinking that has been blocking my success. He’s a master of authenticity and compassion. If you want to learn how to be your true authentic and very best self, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Stefan’s direct, positively effective approach!

-Michelle Bouvier, Yoga teacher

Stefan is a master at coaching. I have experienced tremendous shifts in thought process-patterns I have run for years. The process of identifying different parts of our psyches that drive us provides tools to choose what ‘voices’ we listen to within. Stefan is a fantastic coach in his skill seeing the best in all, and guiding his clients into a perspective of growth, learning, improvement, and moving ever forward. I cannot recommend him enough.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate retreat, need the perfect pattern interrupt for your corporate gathering or want someone who can impress from a big stage, Stefan is a sure to make an impact on your audience and leave them with a lot to consider!